Incorporation of a Private Limited Company

Steps involved in incorporation of a new private limited company – these steps are applicable only if the number of promoters are less than 7.

Step No.1 – Obtain Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) : Every director / shareholder is required to obtain a DSC. There are many vendors available generally DSC will be done through either sify or emudhra.

Step No.2 – Obtain Director Identification Number (DIN) : Every person wishing to act as director in a company should obtain DIN. A Certification from Chartered Accountant or Company Secretary or other authorised professionals will be required to file the same. PAN Card copy, DIR 4 declaration, Photo of the director and an address proof has to be attached with this form. Generally the number gets generated immediately.

Step No.3 – Filing of Name Approval Form (this is an optional step but most of the professionals take this route) : A minimum of 1 name and a maximum of 6 names can be provided in this form in order of priority. The ROC will check the name availability and give an approval generally communicated via email.

Step No.4 – Preparation of documents – Following documents has to be prepared.

  1. DIR 2
  2. INC 10
  3. INC 8
  4. INC 9
  5. Declaration for director
  6. Address Proof and ID proof of the proposed promoters

Most of the documents require certification from a Practising professional like a Chartered Accountant etc. Kindly consult before taking any decisions.