DIR 3 KYC – All Myths Busted

I hope everyone reading this post have done DIR 3 KYC recently during the Fin. year 2018-2019. Due to the ambiguity and non availability of new forms most of them formed an opinion that DIR 3 KYC is a one time affair. I have always held the opinion that KYC like in Banks is a repetitive process and its time again to do it.

On 13th of April 2019 MCA also issued a message on its portal stating that DIR 3 KYC is a yearly process and all people who have an active DIN are supposed to be doing the KYC filing every year.

Click to access DIR3KYCcompleteMessage_13042019.pdf

Since the new form has not been deployed in the MCA system the original due date no longer exists now and 30 days from the date of deployment would be the new due date.

So all the Directors of Companies / Partners in LLP / Others holding active DIN Numbers get ready for another round of compliance.

Inputs and suggestions can be sent to ca.praveen@prsrglobal.com


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