Changes in Income Tax Website w.e.f 22.09.2017

To enable effective communication between the tax payer and the income tax department the income tax portal has made certain changes. Anyone logging in to the income tax portal after 22.09.2017 have to fill in a form before accessing any facility in the portal.

Change #1 : Bank Account Details – Data of one of the bank account is now made mandatory.

Change #2: Email Ids & Mobile No : Single Mobile No. or Email Id cannot be used for more than 3 logins which was earlier 10. The problem now is any email id or mobile number which has been used earlier for more than 3 numbers is not being allowed. Hence change of number or email id has become imperative. Hopefully the department will change this requirement to allow atleast registration for 3 ids.

Change #3: OTP verification : it is not just sufficient to fill in the form but now you also need to approve the details of the mobile number / email id by authenticating it using an OTP that will be sent to email / mobile .

Click on this link to know more Update Profile Details


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