Post Incorporation Procedures

You have now successfully incorporated a company what next ?

A lot of websites do tell you how to incorporate a company but many fail to tell the post incorporation procedures which are pretty important too.

  1. Open a Bank Account and deposit the share capital.
  2. Hold a board meeting and appoint an auditor
  3. Obtain Common Seal for the company
  4. MBP 1 to be signed by all the directors indicating the interests in any other organisations.
  5. Print Share Certificates in Form SH 1
  6. Pay Stamp duty for the shares issued by the company
  7. Obtain the stationery for the company. Please ensure that the CIN is mentioned on all the stationery.
  8. Also ensure that INC 21 has been filed
  9. Obtain statutory registers for the company and fill in the relevant details .

In case this article has helped kindly leave a comment. Please obtain advice from your Chartered Accountant / Company Secretary / Advocate before taking any action based on our blog. 

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